I'm so excited to meet and photograph your cat! This quick guide will cover everything you'll want to think about in preparation for your kitty's Deluxe photo session. If you have additional questions, please let me know!     -Erica



Cats are usually most comfortable in their own home, and shooting in a setting that is familiar to them will always yield the best photos possible. :) Cats look great outdoors, but if your cat is an indoor-only cat, it is usually best to photograph them inside.

Please have one or two areas in mind in your home where we will be able to work, preferably near a large window. Backyards or patio gardens can also work great if your cat is used to spending time in these areas! Please also consider other pets or family members that may distract your cat or put them on edge, and choose areas where they feel relaxed and secure.

If you would prefer the background of your photos to be clear and free of distractions, it's best to clear any clutter or extra furniture ahead of time. If you are not sure if an area will work, you're welcome to send me a snapshot taken with your phone and I can let you know!


Similarly, you'll want to make sure your kitty looks great for his or her session! The day before is a great time to thoroughly brush and clean your cat. Aside from keeping them out of any mud puddles or other big messes, cats don't usually need too much primping, though!

If your kitty is shy or skittish by nature, it's a good idea to feed him or her some calming treats the day before the shoot is scheduled, and again about an hour before the session, which will give them time to take effect. (Any pet supply store will be able give recommendations for brands!)


On the day of your cat's shoot, please let me know if you have ideas for anything that represents them especially well - A certain pose or action they are known for, favorite toys or places in the house, etc. I'm sure you've noticed that cats aren't always the most obedient, but my goal is to capture the awesomeness of every cat I meet!


Most pet owners are not needed much during the session, but it's a good idea to be available to assist with treats and toys. I will bring a variety of treats, toys, and catnip, but if your kitty has favorites, those are even better to have on hand!

Oh, and you'll also want to brace yourself for some serious cute overload when you receive your cat's final photos! :)