Hi, I'm Erica Danger! I'm a photographer and designer, born and raised in Portland, Oregon and now living in Los Angeles, California.  I specialize in photographing cats and humans, with a focus on capturing the emotion and personality of all of my subjects.

Outside of my photo adventures, I enjoy fostering kittens, snuggling with my own cat, exploring anywhere and everywhere, and all things food-related. 

And yes, it's my real name! :)

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Jan. 24-25 •Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 4-8 • Portland, OR
May 4-5 • Austin, TX - POP Cats Convention (Info HERE)
May 6-9 • Austin, TX
May 10 • Phoenix / Tuscon, AZ
June 29-30 • Pasadena, CA - CatCon (Info HERE)
Sept. 28-29 • Portland, OR - POP Cats Convention (Info HERE)
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2• Portland, OR
TBA Sept.• Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA

TBA 2019 • New York, NY
TBA 2020 • Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand

I'm available in Los Angeles most other dates, but feel free to get in touch about other areas! (If there is a lot of interest in a certain city or region, maybe it's time to plan a trip!)

Every month, a portion of the proceeds from the shop is donated to animal advocates and rescues like those linked HERE. Please check out these amazing organizations and show your support!